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Service Providers

Vendors/service providers (applicant company), having capacity to deliver the complete package of services including survey, design, supply of equipment/materials, installation & commissioning and post installation back up support must register at the Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority to engage in Solar PV Roof Top installation in Sri Lanka. Please refer Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority website for the updated list of registered service providers.

Registered vendors may be asked to update and/or provide additional information that may be required for determining the vendor’s ability to participate in specific requests for proposals of major procurements, where additional qualification criteria specific to such projects would be required.

It is mandatory that vendors conform to the following;

  1. Vendor shall be registered as a company under the Companies Act No 7 of 2007;
  2. The vendor shall be registered as a solar PV service provider at Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority;
  3. The vendor shall provide the following minimum warranties;
    1. Solar PV panel – 10 years (manufacturer warranty);
    2. Inverter – 10 years (manufacturer warranty);
    3. Solar PV system – vendor warranty: mounting structure and wiring for 5 years; and
    4. Minimum performance - 20-year performance warranty that guarantees a maximum degradation will not exceed 2.5% in the first year, and 0.5-0.7%/yr thereafter
  4. PV panels and invertors of all systems installed by vendors shall consist of a valid certificate issued by Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority for warranty and quality standards;
  5. Vendors shall obtain comprehensive insurance cover for equipment damage and accidental workman compensation during installation; and
  6. Vendors shall have a regional office or an appointed agent acceptable to Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority, within the Province of each installation prior to undertaking an installation.

Further, it is preferred that:

  1. Vendor has a technical team with a;
    1. minimum of one Graduate Engineer, with minimum of 03 years of industrial experience or Diploma in Electrical/Mechanical Engineering at NVQ 6 level with 05 years of industrial experience of which 01 year in the solar industry; and
    2. minimum of 01 Technician, with NVQ 3 level or equivalent qualifications and with 03 years of industrial experience.
  2. Vendors past track record includes;
    1. A Positive Net Worth during the last financial year (audited);
    2. A minimum of 20 rooftop solar installations during the last two years; and
    3. A minimum cumulative capacity of 150 kW of rooftop solar installations during the last two years.